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Direct Debt Advice
Direct Debt Advice

Debt Support

We invited a camera crew into our operation to interview some of the main people within our operation. The first video shows Marian Rickards, our operations manager talking about the process each customer may go through once they contact us.

Debt Advice

In Summary: On first contact, the customer will talk to a member of the welcome team who will get a basic understanding of the customer's debt situation. From this, the advisor can direct the customer to one of the specialist debt solution teams who will deal with the customer from then on.

Debt Solutions

The specialist teams deal with the following solutions: Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust Deeds (or Deed of Trust), Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS). In all of these solutions the customer's monthly payments to their debts will be reduced and interest and charges can be frozen. With some of them (IVA and Trust Deeds) at the end of the term the remaining debt will be written off by the lenders.

How long does it take?

The time taken to get the different solutions in place varies. For the more complicated Debt Write off solutions (IVA and Trust Deed) it can take anywhere between a week and a month to get everything in place. For the less time consuming short term arrangements (Debt Management Plan and DAS) everything can be in place as quick as 24 hours, but usually takes somewhere between a day and a week.

As Marian says, "...either way, that's a pretty good turn around..."


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