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Direct Debt Advice
Direct Debt Advice
Frequently asked questions

      These are the key pieces of information that we think you should know about debt write off. If you would like additional information, please click the 'free advice' button and we will call you.

FACT: In the last 5 years 440,875 UK residents wrote off part of their debts

FACT: A Trust Deed is a formal agreement between you and your lenders

FACT: It takes just 36 months to complete a Trust Deed*

FACT: All remaining debt is written off on completion

FACT: Your monthly payment is calculated based on YOUR situation

Fees & key information (scroll down)

What are the fees for your solutions?

If you enter into a debt solution with us, there may be fees involved. There is no cost for initial conversations with advisers in determining what is the lowest cost option for your circumstance.

Will my credit score be affected?

Solution that involves paying less than originally agreed do have an impact on your credit rating. Before you take any actions however advisers will discuss the benefits and disadvantages for your situation.

What if I change my mind?

By entering into a solution you have the right to cancel the agreement at any point within the first 14 days. If you choose to cancel you will receive a full refund of any initial fees paid.

Debt management plan fees

There is a one-off initial fee for our debt management plan. This will make up your first monthly payment, subject to a maximum of 475. After you will pay monthly fee as part of your regular payment (17.5% of each payment, subject to a minimum of 34.50 and a maximum of 90).

Initial fee

The initial fee is to cover the work involved in setting up your debt management plan.

Because this makes up some or all of your first monthly payment, you may go further into arrears on the debts covered by your debt management plan. However, don't worry - you'll start reducing the balance again as soon as this fee has been paid.

Monthly fee

From the second month, a monthly management fee will be charged. This fee covers the month-to-month running of your debt management plan, including distributing payments and taking care of correspondence between you and your lenders.

This fee also covers our regular reviews of your circumstances - normally once every 12 months (or any other time your circumstances change). If your situation has changed and your ability to keep up with your debt management plan is affected, we can talk to your lenders about changing your payments accordingly.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

If you enter into a DAS Debt Payment Programme through us, there is an Initial fee (your first monthly payment, subject to a minimum of 225 and a maximum of 475) and Monthly fees (15% of each monthly payment, subject to a minimum of 32.50 and a maximum of 85).

Initial fee

The initial fee will be used to cover the work that's involved in setting up your Debt Payment Programme, including reviewing your circumstances, helping you put together your budget plan and negotiating with your lenders for reduced payments.

None of the first payment you make will go towards your debts, and this means you will go further into arrears temporarily. But don't worry - you'll be reducing your balance again as soon as you have made this initial payment.

Monthly fee

Your monthly fees pay for the work that's involved maintaining your DAS Debt Payment Programme, including dealing with any issues or problems that may arise.

We'll carry out regular reviews of your circumstances to help ensure your Debt Payment Programme remains the best solution for repaying your debts. If at any point we believe it isn't (if your circumstances change significantly, for example), we can help you to find a more appropriate debt solution for your needs.

If your circumstances do change but you can still afford to make a reasonable monthly payment, we may be able to arrange with your lenders for your monthly payments to be reduced accordingly.

IVA Assessment fee

There is an assessment fee payable for the work involved in gathering and assessing the information that will go into your IVA proposal. You will receive a full refund of this fee if your IVA does not go ahead for any reason.

This assessment fee is based on the information you provide to our advisers, and is equal to your monthly disposable income (after priority debts and living costs), subject to a maximum of £495.

Please note: the IVA assessment fee will not be passed on to your creditors or go towards the actual IVA itself.

Once your IVA has been agreed

There are two types of fee payable once an IVA has been agreed: the Nominee's fee and Supervisor's fees. Here's an illustration of a typical client's IVA

Typical monthly repayments (60 months) 220
Nominee's fee 1,500
Supervisor's fees 1,900
Supervisor's costs 400
Total paid by borrower 13,200
Total unsecured debt written off on completion 17,600 (65%)

Please note: example is for illustrative purposes, based on a typical client - a borrower with 27,000 of unsecured debt, on an IVA lasting five years and with no equity in their home.

Nominee's fee

This is a one-off fee that covers the cost of arranging your IVA. This process includes:

  • Your IVA proposal - which sets out the proposed terms of your IVA and provides your lenders with a detailed snapshot of your finances
  • Organising the creditors' meeting, in which lenders can request changes to the terms of your IVA

Your first few monthly payments will go towards paying this fee, and not to your lenders.

Supervisor's fees

Once the Nominee's fee has been covered, you will start paying Supervisor's fees, which make up a percentage of each monthly payment. This covers the ongoing work involved in running your IVA.

Two people look after your IVA. Your Relationship Manager is there to make sure things run smoothly, and can take care of any issues you face. Then there's your IP (Insolvency Practitioner), who takes care of the legal side of things and can deal with any more significant issues that arise (e.g. a change in circumstances that may require a change in your payments).

Note: It's important that you keep up with your monthly IVA payments - if you don't, your IVA could fail, and you would then be liable for the outstanding balance and any costs already incurred by us.

Trust Deed fees

There will be a flat fee charged as part of your monthly payment for the duration of your Trust Deed (which normally lasts three years). Here is an illustration of a typical client's Trust Deed.

Typical monthly payments (x36 months) 220
Trustee Fees 4150
Trustee disbursements 450
Total repaid by individual (including fees above) 7,920
Total unsecured debt written off at completion 19,680

Please note: this is an illustrative example based on a typical client - a borrower with 23,000 of unsecured debt on a Trust Deed lasting three years, who has no equity in their home. Fees shown are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

The fees won't affect how much you pay each month, or how much you pay in total over the course of your Trust Deed, because you'll be expected to pay only as much as you can afford throughout the arrangement.

We'll tell you exactly how much your fees will come to before the Trust Deed starts, as part of your Trust Deed proposal - the document which sets out the proposed terms of your Trust Deed for your creditors to consider.

The monthly fee will cover both the initial associated with arranging your Trust Deed and the work involved in keeping your Trust Deed running. Your Relationship Manager takes care of the day-to-day running of the Trust Deed, and can answer any questions or queries you may have.

The fee also covers any work required by your IP (Insolvency Practitioner). They work with you to draw up your Trust Deed proposal, and can take care of any more serious issues that occur (e.g. asking your lenders about changing your payments if your circumstances change significantly).

Note: It is very important that you keep up your Trust Deed payments, or the arrangement could fail. If it does, you will be liable for the outstanding balance and any costs already incurred.


There is a charge of 375 plus VAT per application for our bankruptcy services. This includes all the administration, preparation of court documents and communications with lenders. It also covers the ongoing support provided by your own Personal Insolvency Specialist during the period leading up to your Bankruptcy Order and for 12 months after we receive your application.

The fee can be paid in instalments if you are unable to pay it in one go. You should discuss this with your Personal Insolvency Specialist when you call us.

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