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Direct Debt Advice
Direct Debt Advice

Debt: Testimonials

In November last year we asked a group of people who had positive experiences of the debt solutions on this site to our office and conducted some interviews with them. In the video above you will see the thoughts of someone who went through an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Debt pressure

In Summary: She explains how she felt about her debts mounting up and that it was making her life stressful. She then looked online to try to find some help and luckily found the right debt advice website where she filled in her contact details for an advice call.

Debt Advice

Talking about the debt advisors she goes on to say that they were friendly, helpful and very experienced and that they made her feel comfortable with the whole process.

Debt Write off: IVA

Lucky for her she was eligible for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and the advisors did all the hard work in setting it up for her. Her repayments to her debts were reduced and all unaffordable debt was written off once the IVA was complete.

Debt Freedom

She finishes by saying that "she now knows exactly how many payments she has left", a real turnaround from just a few months ago when her debts were spiralling out of control.

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Play the video opposite to review the recent experience of a customer who reduced her payments and wrote off unaffordable debts.

She is one of a number of people invited to our office to discuss their experiences.

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